Membership stats 2020

The Property Redress Scheme has seen rapid growth in recent years and this continued in 2020. Now in our 6th year, our membership has grown to over 14,000 agents with a further 1,116 registered offices throughout the UK.

We offer three membership models to give our members the choice of a model that suits their needs. These three membership models are:

  • The Enhanced Model: members pay an annual fee for a head office and an additional fee for each branch. There are no additional fees for sales and lettings complaints (subject to a fair usage policy)
  • The Entry Model: members pay a lower annual subscription fee and a reasonable complaint fee for each sales, lettings and property management complaint
  • RLM Model: this model is designed for property agents that conduct residential leasehold block management as the main aspect of their business. Members pay a reasonable fee for property management, sales and lettings complaints.

The majority of our members choose to use the Entry Model membership (67%). Just under 25% of our members choose to use the Enhanced model.

Our membership also comprises private landlords and corporate landlords (1,452) who have voluntarily joined our scheme, before the Government makes landlord redress compulsory.

Geographically speaking, the majority of our members are based in London (33%). We also have a large number of members in the South East (12%) and the North West (10%).

Members by region

Click on the map for region specific stats.

Northern Ireland

Total: 315

Head offices: 294

Branches: 21


Total: 409

Head offices: 345

Branches: 64

North East

Total: 480

Head offices: 413

Branches: 67


Total: 1,009

Head offices: 922

Branches: 87

North West

Total: 1,514

Head offices: 1,410

Branches: 104


Total: 542

Head offices: 501

Branches: 41

West Midlands

Total: 1,053

Head offices: 986

Branches: 67

East Midlands

Total: 863

Head offices: 820

Branches: 43

East of England

Total: 1,115

Head offices: 1,063

Branches: 52


Total: 4,864

Head offices: 4,685

Branches: 179

South East

Total: 1,967

Head offices: 1,737

Branches: 230

South West

Total: 1,106

Head offices: 952

Branches: 154