Advisory council

The role of the advisory council is to act as an advisory body to the Head of Redress and the Property Redress Scheme Board in all matters relating to the running of the scheme. The Advisory Council refers matters of consideration to the Head of Redress and Property Redress Scheme Board. This includes, where appropriate, changes in the law resultant from new, modified or changed legislation, subject to legal challenge or current case law precedent. They must scrutinise and maintain the Head of Redress’ impartiality and if necessary, make recommendations relating to the resourcing of the Head of Redress’ department.

  • Nick Lyons

    No Letting Go

  • Eric Walker


  • Paul Shamplina

    Hamilton Fraser

  • Tessa Shepperson

    Landlord Law Services Ltd

  • Alex Cosgrove

    Trading Standards Officer

  • Richard Price

    Landlord and Consultant

  • Alison Nunez

    McCarthy & Stone

  • Suzy Hershman